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Dental Implants- from Placement to Restoration

Restore Missing Teeth with Dental Implants

Having one or more missing teeth can take away from the quality of your smile and also have a negative effect on your oral health. A missing root can cause jaw bone deterioration which can change the shape of your face and compromise your bite. Dr. Hassan Moeti offers a permanent solution for tooth replacement with dental implants in Stone Mountain, GA. He can place and restore implants at our office for both convenience and comprehensive care. We use BioHorizons dental implants, a trusted company for high-quality implants, to perform restorative dentistry procedures.

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  • Dental Implant Process

Smile with Confidence with Dental Implants

If you have missing teeth, but adequate bone in your jaw, we can place two or more dental implants onto which your denture or a new prosthesis is attached. Implant supported dentures can either be fixed in place or removable for cleaning, depending on your needs and preferences, but are always snapped securely to the dental implants when in use. You can expect implant supported dentures to improve your ability to speak clearly, allow you to taste and eat more of the foods you love, and feel more confident smiling and interacting with others. If you are interested in learning more about your options, schedule a consultation at our Stone Mountain, GA office today!

Benefits of Dental Implants

  • Permanently restores function and appearance
  • Improve bite and chewing ability
  • Preserves jawbone
  • Restores ability to eat all types of foods
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  • Improves overall oral health
  • Restores ability to speak clearly
  • Can support a set of dentures
  • TeethXpress Immediate load option available

Getting Dental Implants in Stone Mountain, GA

Dental implant surgery is performed with sedation so patients feel no discomfort during the procedure. First, Dr. Moeti will remove a damaged tooth and might need to prepare your jawbone for surgery with a bone graft. After the jaw has healed, he will place a dental implant post into the jawbone and attach an abutment on top. Once the dental implant is fully fused to the jawbone, which typically takes a few months, he will make a custom crown of your teeth and place the final tooth on top of the abutment.

Dr Moeti was honored by receiving his Diplomate Certificate in Dental Implantology symbolizing he highest level of competence in implant dentistry.

The Proof is in our patients

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